Luke Smorgon


    3rd March 2011

    iPaid for the first one… not sure that I will again for the iPad 2.

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    So, Apple has just announced the release of the iPad 2. Interestingly, there is a distinct lack of advertising hype around this product, with phrases like “magical and revolutionary” that featured heavily in the iPad 1 launch mysteriously missing for the iPad 2. Looking at the specs, it does look appealing for the average user who wants to be able to surf the internet, check emails, watch movies and play with some apps. If you are intending to do anything more, like word processing, graphic design, writing loads of emails etc. then you are much better off spending a bit of extra cash for the 11″ MacBook Air. That little machine is a beast – its lightning fast, switches on instantly, weighs next to nothing, and has proved to be very reliable. One downside is the small hard drive, but if you use a cloud-based storage service like Dropbox (you can sign up for a free account) then you are good as gold.

    Apple are yet to announce the Australian pricing, but I would imagine they would be similar to the current iPad price, as Apple don’t tend to discount any products ever to compete with others. So, if you are looking to purchase a new tablet this year, there are some serious competitors to the iPad out there, which pack many extra features that the iPad lacks. However, Apple are the most successful tech company for good reason – they package great hardware and software into a sexified little package. First time round, we lined up from 6am (did someone say NERDS?) and waited in line for an hour or 2. Will I be waiting in line for the iPad 2 launch? I think I will remain snuggled in my warm bed, iPad 1 and MacBook Air resting gently beside me.

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