Game Review – Asphalt 8 Airborne!!

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So Gameloft finally released the 8th edition of their well known and most played game title on any device – Asphalt 8, the arcade racing game. I was eagerly waiting for this edition because i am a die hard fan of this game.

Let’s start with the history little bit. With Asphalt 5 this game was improved drastically and with 6th edition game turned out to be the best arcade racing game on mobile device. Gameloft made big improvements in the gameplay and game engine. Asphalt 7, i would say was more of an update to Asphalt 6 as they reused many cars and maps from Asphalt 6 while added few new stuff. And now we have the Asphalt 8 Airborne.

I must say with Asphalt 8 Gameloft has nailed it. It does not have as good graphics as EA’s well known title Need for Speed but it has something that makes you feel like playing this game all the time, it might be the stunts or knocking down others car ;). They have introduced a new great concept as well called ghost. Now you can finish the race and upload your ghost to Gameloft server which enables your friends to compete against you even when you are not online. They can simply start the game and click on add ghost, choose a friend and selected friend’s ghost will be added to the game. Personally i love this concept because its something new and pretty awesome.

Pros –

1. With 8th edition Gameloft added few new stunts as well and my new favorite one is barrel roll.
2. Amazing all new maps.
3. You don’t need perfect nitro anymore to knockdown the car while using NOS. No matter what speed you are on NOS, you can knock down any car.
4. Drastic improvements in game engine.
5. Better graphics but still not as good as EA.
6. Money for tricks and stunts.
7. Multiplayer is no hassle anymore.
8. Integration with G+ works flawless.
9. Leaderboard and Achievements.
10. Compete against your friends by uploading your ghost.
11. Better gameplay

Cons –

1. Winning money is pretty low, which makes you buy their credit packs or car packs, in case if you want to buy a new car. And i must say their credits aren’t cheap at all. The most expensive one is for $109.99.
2. I really like the cars as well, but they could have done better.
3. No money for finding a shortcut anymore.
4. Upgrades aren’t cheap anymore.

Overall i liked the game so far but i am having hard time buying new cars which makes it hard for me to win more races as level increases.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!!