Fitness Tracking, the best and the worst

Reviews By 4 years ago

Over the last 12 months I have been getting fit. Helping me get fit are a swag of technologies that have come and gone, from blood pressure trackers to wearable monitors. Here are some of the technologies I have used and the ones that I would recommend:

FitBit Flex – BUY!

Last week I received a FitBit Flex from b2cloud’er Dwayne for my birthday. He was a Jawbone owner and switched to FitBit. Put simply it is a band that contains a small removable pod that connects to the phone via bluetooth and counts your movements throughout the day. A super great design and I continue to be amazed by its size and comfort.

The App is by no means up to the standard of Jawbone, it would be great if it was updated.

Most of all I like that a couple of taps lights up the band, tells me my percentage progress (5 lights, each light represents 20%), and I can change my behaviour throughout the day.

It doesn’t track sleep, but I found this data to be a little useless anyway and difficult to make change.

Jawbone Up – No good

I was super excited about this gadget, and proceeded to buy in the US and ship to Australia to get it first. The second generation was advertised to be more reliable and stable than the first which experienced serious hardware problems following a successful kickstarter campaign.

I wore it religiously tracking sleep, movement, eating. I recommended it to all my friends, added them to my profile and shared our results on a beautiful iOS and Android App.

After 2 months it broke – and so did the others that my friends had purchased. The battery had disconnected somehow and the device was useless.

A sleek design, but the hardware is unreliable. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this.

FitBit Aria Scale – BUY!

Its a scale that calculates body fat percentage, connects via Wifi and stores your data online. If you have the FitBit App all your results can be viewed. If you own a flex, all of your results can be viewed in the one spot in the App. Pretty sweet!

Wahoo Blue – No Good

It is a heart rate monitor that goes around your chest and transmits to your smartphone. I purchased on the Apple Store App, received a day later, spent 1 hour trying to connect it, then 3 hours trying to have it maintain a conneciton with my iPhone.

To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the hardware design, and the fact the connection drops out every time the iPhone sleeps makes it useless. The official Apps look terrible, and are confusing. The combination of bad hardware, and even worse software make this the first purchase I will return to Apple.

Numerous Blood Pressure Monitors – Pretty Good

Every now and then I check my blood pressure at home. These monitors are tightly linked to their own Apps meaning I cant do much with the data. A nice addition to your health monitoring collection, but pretty useless week to week.