Car Dashcam Review (ITB50)

Reviews By 5 years ago

After falling victim to some bad drivers on the road I decided to get a dashcam for my car. I’ve had the idea for a while, but they can be pretty expensive. I finally came across a cheaper one that looked quite good, so I decided to get it. This is the ITB50 from Auto Blackbox, only $170. Overall pretty good, and it’s true I went for the cheaper one, but for anybody else looking to get the same/similar product here’s some pros and cons:

– Cheaper than most
– Easy to install
– Automatically logs “events” based on detected impact, event footage wont be recorded over
– Works well during both day and night time (providing there’s some lighting at night, street lights for example)
– Also records audio

– The clock doesn’t (or I haven’t found it to) take daylight savings into consideration. Mine is currently one hour behind
– The easy to install method (of plugging into the cigarette lighter) will only record while the car is on, alternatively you can connect it to the fuse box for 24/7 recording
– Every time you turn the car on or off the thing beeps three times to let you know it’s safe to take out the SD card – pretty annoying after a while!
– While the cord length is fine for my car, +1 meter could be better for larger cars
– Video quality is ok, but unless a car was directly in front of you, you probably wouldn’t be able to make out a number plate
– No GPS, you need to go with the next model up for that (+$100)

(raw footage, exact size: 640×480)