Art Set App Review

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Art Set: Fun & realistic results without set up hassle and real life mess!

Art Set is a fantastic App for iPad which caters for the needs avid artists. It takes it’s art seriously and doesn’t dumb it down for kids which is very refreshing. I particularly like the user of realistic items for selecting tools and colours. (Yes, I did download it because the splash screen reminded me of my old art kit).

Overall its a great product, my only issues with the App are either to do with using an iPad in general and a couple of features I’d think would be nice to have. But firstly here are my main reason for highly rating this App:

  • Great range of art tools including paint, pastels, crayons, pencils and markers
  • Good range of smudge tools (although I think these could be improved and were difficult to get the desired effects, especially from the water tool)
  • Responds well to touch, including speed sensitive
  • Nice range of papers to choose from

Overall I found paint and pastels the most effective and fun to draw with. The pencils were good but not as easy to get real-life like results. Check out the beach scene on the right a quick sample of oil paint and pastels.

If you are going to be using an electronic device for drawing then you want exploit the advantages of that. So of course, Art Set has undo/redo and the ability to copy drawings (as you would expect). But a nice featured that I’ve had a lot of fun playing with is importing pictures from my photos as a background and drawing over the top of them.This is something that you can’t do as easily real life and is a great way to exploit the use of technology.

Painting over a photo background

Creating your own wallpaper

If your a bit of geek (like me) you can even take a screen shot of you iPad, import and draw over the top to make you own wallpaper, then export it out and set as your background.

On the flipside here are things which I’d to see in this App to bring up to 5 stars:

  • More colours!
  • Better handling of landscape drawings and landscape mode, including ability to rotate images
  • A water colour pencil which is highly responsive to smudging with water!

Art Set: 4.5 Stars