App Review: Umano

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These days I try and fill every spare moment trawling through FlipBoard, Facebook, Twitter and news sites. But my dillemma has always been what to do while driving, as the radio is full of crappy music and questionable news.

Introducing Umano, an iPhone and Android App that provides a stream of interesting news read to you by a human. Its kind of like a news reader but of interesting stuff. On opening the App the user is presented with a series of news articles, along with a thumbnail and description. To start listening simply press on an article, the audio is streamed from the web and once it reaches the end will play the next article.

The sources of the content are your typical techie/business sources like Mashable, Business Insider, NY Times and Life Hacker. The voices used to read these are always American, in most cases male and can at times sound like you are listening to a self help tape. Especially when I listen in the car plugged into my audio jack.

There is offline capability where audio is cached to device and limited to 18 streams. Quality is variable based on WIFI vs. 3G and uses very little bandwidth. The switching from wireless to 3G can at times cause a glitch/pause in the audio.

The Android experience can cause some unexpected results. For instance I received a notification regarding a trending feed, I played it then went onto my next stream. Then received a call and hung up. I was sent back to the trending feed. Every time my feed was interupted with a call I was sent back to the start of the feed. On iOS it continues seamlessly.

In summary this is an outstanding App, that inspires during down time and makes your uptime even more effective.


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