App review: My QuitBuddy

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A couple of weeks ago I heard about My QuitBuddy from someone at a meeting and I thought to myself; what a clever idea! So when my brother decided quit smoking last week, I downloaded the app on my iPhone to keep track of his progress and motivate him using the app (he’s has an Android device and this app is only iOS so far)

This app was initiated by the Australian Government represented by Australian National Preventive Health Agency (ANPHA) and the Department of Health and Ageing. So you can tell it’s not some guy sitting in his bedroom and coding away a bunch of number and stats from Google. This app is backed by a lot of research from reliable resources.

Idea & features:

Lets face it, the app is clever for those that actually want to quit. You register by giving my information about yourself as well as your smoking habits and goals. Whether you want to quit or cut down, this app will help you.

This app shows a bunch of stats on its main screen which are meant to be motivating. For example it calculates how much money you have saved, how much TAR you’ve avoided and how many days and hours its been since your last smoke.

Another cool feature is a body map which tells you about some general changes that you’re body goes through as you quit smoking.

There’s also another tab called ‘The Facts’ which¬†provides you with quitting tips as we as a bunch of scientific and health information about smoking.

This app features a section called My Goals. In this section, you set goals you’d like to achieve by writing a reason for quitting, adding photos or voice notes and choosing a buddy to motivate and receive motivation from!

My favourite part of the application is the ‘Back Me Up’ option which has motivational reminders, tips for finding buddies and also a few games to distract you from the cravings!

What could be improved:

First of all this should be across all popular platforms, a great app like this should be available for everyone to benefit from!

Second is that the iOS version needs to be optimised for iPhone 5. It’s almost a year since the new screen has been introduced, please do a quick update guys.

Next is the the liveliness of the content, the body map is a fantastic feature but it’ll even be better if it would update as your body is progressing intime and give you updated information!


Needs a couple of minor updates to the interface and content but a fantastic application. Highly recommended for those that want extra motivation and support!