App review: Fanta PlayZone

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It”s not too often I feel compelled to write a review on an iPhone app I like, but I recently tested one out from Fanta called the Fanta PlayZone ()

Basically the whole app is designed to marry digital and traditional marketing. You can play games, which are pretty much there just to promote Fanta”s orangey goodness with some random fun like jet skiing, and another game which lets you launch orange balls at various people, scoring points for every person you hit.

The real reason I like this app so much is the way in which it includes social integration, such as logging into Facebook to share your scores with friends etc, and also entering into a prize draw through earning points. You compete against other people playing the game for the chance to be the weekly leader, where everyone can see your name and you win some free stuff.

The games themselves are pretty well made for what they are. The jet ski game, known as Jetski Jumprider, has a set of twins cruising on a jetski you control. You must carefully avoid the hazardous buoys in the water which will cause you to fall off, all the while trying to manoeuvre yourself onto the orange pieces. Once you hit the oranges, you get some big air, and you are then directed to swipe your finger across the screen to do various tricks for extra points.

After finishing these mini games, you are again prompted to login to Facebook, which is presented in a very user friendly way, rather than as nagware, but you can still ignore this. Now the next feature is a very nice piece of marketing craftsmanship. You can boost your score from the games by visiting any of Fanta”s hundreds of outdoor billboard and bus shelter ads they are currently using to promote the drink/app. The application uses your location and shows you the location of the closest ads. Once you are the location, you just point the app at the ad, and thanks to some nice AR (augmented reality,) some little characters start dancing on screen, and voila! You are gifted extra points.








The app is very nicely designed, with vibrant colours and an intuitive menu and navigation system. It really melts the online and offline world together, bringing mobile, social and outdoor advertising into one nicely created iPhone app.

Orange you going to give it a go?