App review: Facebook Poke – what a Joke.

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Towards the end of December 2012, Facebook released an . Poke joins Facebook”s other standalone apps such as Messenger, Pages and Camera.

There was a huge amount of buzz on social media about the release of Poke. Facebook”s own engineers publicly boasted that they built the app in under 2 weeks – and it really shows.

Poke is basically a complete rip-off of Snapchat, one of the most popular photo apps on Android and iPhone. Snapchat has also been publicly criticized by many educational professionals and media outlets as.

Both Snapchat and Poke do the same thing – send something to a friend that they can only view for a limited time until that image/text/video is destroyed. Snapchat is a simple app and looks pretty good. Poke, on the other hand, is ugly and clunky. Pumping out an app in under 2 weeks is not something Facebook should be proud of. For all their development prowess, 2 weeks is simply not enough time to design and develop a great application, test it thoroughly for stability, and think carefully about the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience.)

If the purpose of Poke is to send confidential information that will then be “destroyed,” why would anyone trust Facebook – a company whose entire revenue stream is about collecting our personal information in order to sell to advertisers to target us with ads – to not store or use this content?

If you are planning to send risqué photos or videos to someone, go ahead and assume a copy will be made one way or another. Don”t think your naughty selfies are safe because Facebook will delete it after 5 seconds.

See the images below for my thoughts on Poke.