Android – Custom Launcher!!

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Customisation is one of Android’s best trait. We three button gadget owners can customise almost everything that one button gadget owners can’t do. Even the home screen. If you are bored with your home screen, no problem, there are 100’s of app that you can download from play store and customise the whole look and feel of your device. I am one of those people who can’t stand a same user interface for long and that is one of the main reasons why i never bought a one button device. I want the power of customisation in my hand, i don’t like to rely on a company or wait for a year to get the new UI.

In this blog i’ll be talking about Android custom home screens, more popularly called launchers. As i really like to change my device look after every 4-5 weeks, i tried almost every launcher out there. Some i uninstalled same day and some i kept using for months. Below is list that i kept for months: –

1. ADW
2. Launcher Pro
3. GO Launcher
4. Apex
5. Nova

Currently installed: –

1. Atom
2. Apex
3. Smart
4. Next Launcher 3D

Uninstalled after using an hour or a day: –

1. MX
2. Regina
3. Espier
4. Launcher 7
5. Butterfly+
6. List is endless

I am currently using Atom and this is how my home screen looks like.


I really like the replacement for google search bar. Now i can see some useful information without adding an extra widget on screen. I still added google search bar on another home screen cuz i can’t survive a day without it. But now by clicking the “<” button i can see some quick settings for the device and launcher, which i found really useful. Same bar you’ll find in App Drawer as well but with some different info and setting options.  Download and try this launcher, for me it was a boredom breaker.

Another launcher that i never uninstalled is Apex. I love apex, it’s the best launcher i have ever used. Because it gives a feel of stock launcher with some custom rom like extras, same with Nova.

But if you consider Apex, Nova, Go or ADW they all give you same sort of feel while using, no matter you can apply different themes but UE is sort of same for all of them. Few launchers that i found little bit unique and that really tried to implement something different are Next 3D, Smart Launcher, MX and definitely Atom. Devs really came out with some different ideas and uniqueness.

So which one is better? It totally depends on you and what sort of person of you are. Yeah you read it right what sort of person you are. I am one of those people who like change every once in while. But i know people who are using same launcher (stock or some other) since ages and still love it.

I asked one of my colleague, who is using the stock launcher since early days of Android, why he loves stock launcher so much? why he never tried some other launcher?

In his answer, which i found pretty convincing, he said, he never felt like trying other launchers as current launcher serves all the purposes. It has all the functionality that he wants in a launcher.

That’s all for this blog. Share your experience with me in comment. And also tell me which launcher you think is best right now.