Firefox update review

Review By 3 years ago

FIrefox is one the browsers, which I still prefer when I have to do online streaming of sports channels. With every update Firefox has slowed down and they have hidden all the settings where it is close to impossible find one. Now it seems that they have realised the importance of new trends and faster browsing.

In the latest update of Firefox they have finally changed the settings around sync. Now you can configure your username and password and can easily sync browsing history, bookmarks, remembered passwords etc. across all your devices. In the previous version it was very tedious to sync, as you have to manually dig in to find the automated generated password by Firefox and then use that password to manage the sync.

The new update has focused a lot on looks of the browser and, now it looks very crisp and clean, very similar to chrome. They have redesigned the tabs which provides an overall smoother look and the tabs fade away in the background when they are not active. They have new menu icon which is now located on the extreme right of the navigation tab and when you click it, it opens up into a three column display which contains all the necessary settings.

  • Nice one Chandon. I have always used Firefox, and really prefer it to Chrome or other browsers. I usually find it fast and responsive, and the new design is more modern and keeping in tune with other browsers.