WWDC 2012 Predictions

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Apple has just announced WWDC 2012 for June 11th – 15th. I’ve been thinking a bit about what they could possibly unveil, here are my predictions of what to expect and what not┬áto expect:

Expect itForget it
iOSiOS 5.2. However if they do show this off, it would need to have some amazing new feature, enough to make a big song and dance about at WWDC 2012.iOS 6. Come on, we’re currently just sitting on iOS 5.1. Remember there was an iOS 4.3.5 (and a lot more time) before there was an iOS 5.
iPhoneDon’t expect an iPhone 5, the 4S is still just a baby.
iPadNo iPad newS’s or iPad 4s I’m afraid.
OS XExpect to see Mountain Lion. I haven’t yet seen any keynotes for it, just beta developer previews and snippets around the web.
MacBookThis is something I’ve been excited for. The retina display MacBook line, from the Air to the Pro, expect 4x as many pixels. There’s been a bunch of hints supporting this from both Lion and Mountain Lion.Aside from this, I’m also thinking Ivy Bridge processors and for the top end computers, 8GB standard RAM and 2GB AMD Graphics Cards.
DesktopI’m really not sure what to expect here. I personally use a MacBook Pro so the desktop line isn’t really my expertise. A retina display iMac would be amazing, but it already has so many pixels. I’m leaning towards hardware upgrades.
?Possibly some new product, hopefully not a flop like Siri.
  • Nice post. I predict there will be a complete revision of Apple TV. We will see a series of new TV streaming services and I also predict a developer portal for the upload of Apps. This will be in response to consumer demand for Smart TV’s and increase in popularity of Google TV.

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