WWDC 2012, Predictions vs. Reality

News | Thoughts By 5 years ago

Following on from my predictions a couple of months ago, the results are in and the new products/updates have been announced.

iOS: I wasn’t expecting iOS 6 until around October, but to my surprise iOS 6 was announced. We’ve had a play with some of the new features in the developer preview and it’s looking to be a great update to the iOS.

iPhone/iPad: I was right here, no iPhone 5 announced, however some videos have been spreading around the net of iPhone 5 parts that have been leaked, I think this may come out in October, similar to how the 4S came out late last year.

OS X: I thought Mountain Lion would be available as of today, but we’ll need to wait a little longer.

MacBook: The retina display has been announced. It sounds great but it’s something I would need to check out in person before committing to it. I’m not so sure how it will work with video/photo editing software. The MacBooks also got a good hardware upgrade, although I’m a bit surprised it didn’t see a 2GB graphics card (which seems to be the standard for high end laptops now).

Desktop: I was pretty let down that the Mac Pro didn’t get much needed attention. It’s still trailing behind with USB 2.0 while the new MacBook Pros got USB 3.0…