Tom presents at Computer Games Boot Camp 2011

News By 6 years ago

Today I attended the Computer Games Boot Camp at Monash University Clayton, where our very own b2cloud”er Tom presented to a jam packed room of 300 aspiring game and iOS developers. The purpose of the event run by the Faculty of Information Technology is for students and industry professionals to present their games ().

Tom from b2cloud developed a game called Bipolar with his study group at Monash University, and was the lead programmer. Bipolar may look like a simple game, it certainly isnt. The aim of the game is to use the keyboard to guide a cube to the pulsating circle. The player can navigate left and right, but the real trick to the game is controlling the polar magnets that affect how the cube moves. Throw in a complete level editor, some nice graphics and sound effects, and you have a fun and addictive game.

Congratulations to Tom on his achievement, and doing a great job speaking in front of a huge audience. Make sure you purchase Bipolar from the Apple App store today! –