Telstra and b2cloud – using Google Glass to improve people’s lives.

News By 3 years ago

We are thrilled to announce some groundbreaking work we have been doing with Telstra for Google Glass.

Over the past six months we have developed two world-first Google Glass apps designed for the visually and hearing impaired community, creating solutions that help users be more independent in their personal and professional lives.

  •  The vision-impaired app enables users to receive audio descriptions of objects in front of them. It’s as simple as a user looking at any object and saying “Ok Glass, what’s this?” After only a few seconds, Glass will announce the object to the user such as ‘Rye bread.’
  • The hearing-impaired app transcribes speech for people who have hearing difficulties, allowing them to follow a conversation, such as a meeting discussion or a speech at a conference.

We have tested and trialled both apps with a group of Telstra employees who have vision and hearing difficulties, allowing us to constantly improve the apps based on their feedback and experiences.

Telstra employee Kelly Schulz, who was born almost entirely blind, says of the app “the potential is life-changing.”

Telstra is the first of a number of companies working with us to develop apps for the emerging/wearable technology space.

It has been a real pleasure continuing our relationship with such an open minded and value-focused partner as Telstra and we cannot wait continue to develop other life changing projects with them.