Some cool new things on our blog!

News By 5 years ago

Our new website went live last week thanks to Marco & Tim. (our mobile web is up too!)

We spent a great amount of time with Neon Three boys designing and refining the layout of our new website.

There are two main things behind the design of this website:

1) It is easy to navigate. There’s no way you can get lost in our website
2) It delivers a lot of content in the most simplified way


Another exciting change is our Blog which I think looks fantastic.
In the new blog you see the profile of the author right next to the post. This makes life easier for you (the reader) because you can simply click on your favorite author and just read their content instead of everyone else’s.

Also on top, there’s a drop down menu which allows you to choose blog posts based on your favorite categories, tutorials, guides and news. On the right side of this menu, you see “Top Posts”. This section shows our top 5 most popular posts.

You’ll get to know the website and blog as you browse through, so enjoy it and let us know if you have any feedback.

Special thanks to Studio Melbourne and Neon Three