Path Fail!

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I have been a keen user of the Path App on the iPhone for 6 months now. Essentially Path is its own social network that has been designed around the mobile unlike others that plugged in an App as an afterthought. It makes posting to other networks like Facebook, Fourqsquare and

Twitter simple with great image filters to boot. The result is a mobile experience like no other (our only focus when building Apps @b2cloud!!).

That was at least until this week, the App failed on me.

On Tuesday I posted a photo of an old pen I found while throwing out some old suites. The post was from my Galaxy Nexus running Jellybean 4.1.1 and Path version 2.5. I shared the post to Path, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. The share worked but the photo showed up as a black picture.

Yesterday I switched back to my iPhone 4S running iOS 6 beta and Path 2.5.1, posted a photo and voila it came up black on Path, Facebook etc…

Granted im using Jellybean and iOS 6 which are the latest OS’s, but my problem is that the App worked last week. And on discussing this with the team in todays blog session, I posted an image and it worked.

Im not sure whats going on, but my friends have commented saying my camera is broke which is enough for me to loose confidence in the App. Also on the Android version when posting a photo with a comment to Facebook, the comment doesnt appear.

So im putting Path on pause and ill focus more on Instagram for effects and sharing to networks.

Update – It seems the black image only occurs when selecting a photo from a gallery (which is how I share, I dont use the App to capture a picture).

  • So you’re “putting Path on pause” after experiencing one rare issue, once, on an unreleased OS, and an OS with a 0.8% install base. Even if it was a server hiccup, that’s a pretty strange and extreme reaction.

    Did you try just deleting the problematic moment and recreating it?

  • I have the same problem that U have but i solve this issue by reset it.