Longform – Value in Quality

News | Thoughts By 3 years ago

Earlier this week there was an article in The Atlantic about ‘longform’ journalism, the type of writing where words tally in the thousands and stories take time to be told.

It focused on the increasing number of people reading these lengthy yet rewarding pieces from their smartphone, spending upwards of 30 minutes doing so in the process.

The author mentions that it is especially impressive considering attention is online’s most valuable commodity, more often counted in seconds than blocks of minutes.

When you consider how this works it isn’t that surprising at all. Every function, app and use has an underlying purpose, a result that makes the attention it requires worth it.

Sending a message allows you to communicate, taking a photo captures a moment and reading a longform article informs, educates and entertains. It provides value.

Readers are recognising the value and realising that these pieces, while long, are often engaging stories that are shorter than a novel yet more detailed than a regular article.

They are perfect for commuting, waiting around, eating by yourself and virtually every other moment where you have some time to spare and nothing to do.

There are countless brilliant apps helping you save, format and read the articles – think Instapaper and Pocket – and more and more websites curating the best articles out there.

It is really quite exciting to see where this trend will take us.