iPhone 5 Announced

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Today the new iPhone 5, iOS 6, iTunes and iPod were unveiled by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

iPhone 5

The long awaited release of the iPhone 5 is here.

  • 4 inch display (1136×640)
  • A6 Chip
  • LTE Connectivity (Telstra, Optus, Virgin)
  • Better battery
  • – Better Camera
  • – New connector
  • – b2c.me/i5tcrunch

The resolution of the iPhone 4S was 960 x 640, the new iPhone 5 is 1136 x 640. The width is the same, but the height has increased.

In terms of design, Apps should always have a standard Nav Bard (Top and Bottom). Therefore the content region in the middle increases. Apps that haven’t been designed for iPhone 5 will continue to work with a black bar apparent at the bottom and top of the App.


iOS 6

As we speak developers around the world are frantically updating their Apps, many of which simply will not function on iOS 6

(b2c.me/ios6) in their current state on launch in 8 days.

We are delighted to announce that every App we have developed functions as expected.  A testament to b2cloud’s incredible talent anddeep understanding of the Apple User Principles.



A new App to hold all your store cards, loyalty cards, tickets and retail coupons (b2c.me/passbook). b2cloud has been hard at work over the last 2 months working on a super secret project. Today I would like to introduce PushPass Beta (push.ps) – PushPass delivers loyalty programs through Apple’s new Passbook App.

We have developed a complete platform for a business to create a pass, distribute them to iOS 6 enabled devices and monitor each pass and user activity through a beautiful web interface.