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15th March 2013

Google Think Multiscreen conference

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I was fortunate enough last week to attend Think Mobile conference hosted by Google in Sydney. The event opened with a keynote address from Nick Leeder, Managing Director for Google Australia.

The session presented the huge growth in mobile from 2011 to 2013. Smartphone penetration grew from 37% to 65%. Another important observation was the growth in mobile optimised sites from 20% to 55% today. The alarming correlation between these statistics is that with more than 65% of people with a smartphone, businesses are very slow to catch up with optimised mobile experiences.


Some very obvious statistics were presented around the decline in print. Of the 8 hours a day consumers spend with the media, 88% of that is on a screen and 12% is on paper and radio. Nothing too ground breaking here.

There was a great discussion around the drivers for consumers when they use mobile, and device usage is dependant on context. Every digital medium plays a role in the following:

  • The time of day you need information
  • The location of where you are when you need the information
  • The goal you are looking to achieve
  • How you are feeling

Print doesn’t work because its not available when you need it, you don’t carry it around everywhere, it presents information and not a place to find a solution. Mobile’s success is mainly due to the fact it ticks off most of the criteria above. The only distinction is which device, meaning when does a user feel they should use a tablet over a smartphone.

Finally there were some great stats from Google research around how consumers use devices together. PC’s and ┬ámobile phones have the most complimentary use, followed by the combination of a PC and a smartphone.


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