Google Glass – a category of its own

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Standing in line waiting to enter the Google IO Keynote, I was thrilled to have spotted a Google staffer wearing a set of Glass. I had watched the video, heard rumours, seen them in real life and in a couple of months I will have a pair of my own. If you dont know what Google Glass is then Google it!

Why is Glass so exciting? I was explaining to someone yesterday the concept of private computing experiences. On a scale where the desktop is the most public, followed by the laptop, tablet and the most private being the smartphone.

Glass takes it one step further, where the private personal computing experience is a single step away from thoughts in your head. Take the situation last week where im in a meeting with 5 attendees and I forget the name of the gentleman at the end of the table. I cannot whip out my iPhone and look him up on LinkedIn.

Glass would enable the camera, do a facial recognition and return me with his name, interests and profile without him ever knowing.

I know what you are thinking, there must be privacy implications etc etc. I think we deal with this as we go but being on a closed Google+ Hangout the other morning, some of the suggested applications for the technology were amazing.

A surgeon could have a heads up display of his last triple bypass operation, in full colour video seamlessly and without distraction.

Let me know in the comments section below how you think Glass could change/ruin the world.