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During iOS development at b2cloud, apps contain our in-house development framework FivePin. FivePin lets us easily and quickly track down bugs and other problems that may come up while building apps. We unveiled the FivePin.framework a while back at a talk and today it’s finally public.


  • Screen records your app:
    • Includes screen’s touches
    • Email recordings to your developer
    • Devices do not need to be jailbroken
  • Works across all iOS devices:
    • iPhone
    • iPod
    • iPad
  • Is invisible:
    • Apps don’t look any different, FivePin is activated by holding down an area
    • Contains a simple interface that both developers and clients will find useful
  • In app console logs:
    • View console logs in app without a computer or Xcode
    • Automatically logs events for controls such as buttons, table cells, sliders…
    • Email console logs to your developer
  • Installs with no code!:
    • When uploading to the AppStore FivePin will not be compiled into your app

Download the FivePin.framework and follow these steps to install it into a project