Cyclone Yasi – The fastest winds

News By 7 years ago

Watching the live video feed on Sky News this evening at 10pm, the sights are chilling. Each and every interview and web feed to locals are being cut off due to devastating conditions that are cutting off all video and radio contact. The 300km/h winds really test the ability of buildings and infrastructure to withstand nature. Hopefully they are stronger than the technology used to broadcast broken footage.

Considering the fastest winds ever recorded around are world 408km/h in Barrow Island Australia 1996, 372 km/h in Mount Washington 1934 and finally 328 km/h in Afghanistan 2008 – the gusts up north are predicted to be some of the fastest ever.

All the best to all our friends, family and fellow Australians tonight during this very difficult time.

For more information follow the Google Crisis Response –