Brisbane Floods on Google

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Some of the images and stories coming out of Queensland over the last couple of days can only be described as devastating. I find when such shocking and wide scale images of destruction are shown on TV or written up in the paper, the true impact can be dampened. Although the pictures are terrible, I wanted to see on a map where the flooding has occured.

I decided this morning to try and map out using Google Earth, how the floods have impacted the Brisbane area. By using the Bureau of Meteorology website, predictive maps from Brisbane City Council and photos I have modelled an overlay of the flooding around Brisbane.

This is just a model and should not be used as an accurate source. For up do date information please visit

In the image above you can see that anything close to a river, has been flooded completely. Even small creeks that channel water turn ordinary areas into flood zones. The number of streets and houses that are flooded are in the tens of thousands.

This image is of Brisbane City, on the left is the Southbank area based on flood predictions.

This is a view from the City into the sprawling suburbs. It is clear the impact of these floods.

I have found this has really made me appreciate the true impact, without actually seeing it with my own eyes. The number of houses, streets and families that have been affected is enormous. If you would like to see my map online and navigate yourself, you can go hereĀ

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