b2cloud xmas, falling drones and great company

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On Friday night we had a get together to celebrate the great year that has been, and prepare for what will be an exciting 2011. The setting was perfect, on the

View of the party from Drone camera on the iPhone

rooftop of our Collins St office where clients, b2cloud’ers and friends of the company were able to meet and network. A crowd of 40 or so came and enjoyed a tasty bbq, sushi platters and a miscalculated volume of beer (far too much to possibly consume).

One highlight of the night was the rise….. and fall our our recently acquired Parrot AR Drone. If you dont know what this is, read my recent post here. What better place to fly a remote controlled, state of the art quad-copter, than atop a highrise building. So up it went, self balancing as gusts of wind blew past, responding accurately to directional commands to gain altitude and adjust yaw. We got so high, we drew a crowd from the neighboring high rise rooftop, they too were having a party. Very soon our neighbours were asking we fly the drone across a 30 meter wide gap with a 60 meter drop to them. Against my instincts, the popular vote won.

Flying from roof to roof

Final alert before losing control 🙂

So across flew the drone travelling 80% of the trip, suspended in what can only be described as a very precarious position. Suddenly the 14 hour old drone got caught in a strong up-draught, throwing its delicate sensors off balance, catapulting it into a death spiral. The reaction of our neighbours was initially shock, followed by laughter. Fortunately we thought this may happen, and appropraitely tied some string to the Drone, allowing us to fish it up the side of the building, back to safer ground.

Thank you to all who attended, you made the night! For those who couldn’t make it this year, we enjoyed the evening so much we figure why wait for Christmas! We will have more get togethers in 2011, so we’ll keep you posted and hope to see you there.