App Store Closed for Xmas

News By 7 years ago

This is a quick reminder to all b2cloud clients and other developers that iTunes Connect will be shut down betwen the 23rd and 29th of December over the Christmas break. Basically this means that any Apps that are submitted on these dates will not be reviewed until the new year. This also includes price changes to paid applications.

It would also be safe to say that based on current approval rates, and the influx of submissions prior to this period, you should submit new applications before the 10th of December, and updates no later than the 13th December for release this year.

— Is any one else wondering why one of the largest corporates with an enormous global e-commerce platform closes over Xmas?!? —

  • Starshine

    Yes, indeed. It is both perplexing and insensitive to clients all over the wold that don’t celebrate the christian holiday. I would be more inclined to accept such a decision if Apple were merely a national outfit. Even then ,in a multicultural country such as the U.S.A it would still be a poor move. Moreover, when combined with the fact that iTunes remains open for business as usual during the same holiday season and that sales figures are certainly readily available to their executives, this seems to be quite an arrogant move on their part. Surely many developers feel frustrated by such a self-serving decision that seems to be completely at odds with a business involving an agency that that works on behalf of developers. Then again, perhaps Apple see it the other way around. Whatever the case, it has created a negative impact on their brand.