A week of financials and the Amazon question

News | Thoughts By 3 years ago

Quarterly results were announced this week by a number of the more prominent tech companies. These results tend to bring out everyone’s analyst-within, especially when no one is entirely sure if we are in a tech bubble or not. Either way it is a good way to not only see how companies have been doing but also where they are heading.

The two biggest stories of the week were Facebook’s exceptional numbers and Amazon’s not-so-special bottom line. Neither of these results are truly shocking or surprising if you consider the respective business models and previously stated goals and intentions but they still make excellent headlines and points of discussion for anyone hoping to convey an understanding or opinion.

Facebook will continue to grow as investors, who value performance more than anything, support its money printing abilities and Amazon will fall some more as investors return back to their natural feelings of impatience.

For those going long on Amazon, their recent numbers are nothing but an opportunity to buy more stock at an appealing price as they know that when Amazon stops investing and expanding so rapidly, owns every vertical under the sun and truly becomes everybody’s everything store, they will be in for a very handsome payday.

By no means is this a recommendation to buy Amazon stock as I am neither qualified nor willing to ever tell anyone how to spend their money. What I am saying is don’t count out Seattle’s other giant, it’s playing its own game.