2nd December 2010

    When it comes to smartphone loyalty, Apple’s iPhone wins

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    When it comes to smartphone loyalty, Apple”s iPhone wins
    iPhone Quick Tip: How to Quote Text in an Email Reply
    iOS 4.3 is on the way
    Hot Phone Time Machine: iPhone App Make London “Olde” Again
    Apple Reportedly Selects Camera Lens Supplier for Second-Generation iPad
    How to Use AirPrint with Any Printer
    Apple Gains Patent for iTunes Purchase of Box Sets, Likes Alanis Morissette
    iPad Launches in 11 More Countries in Asia and Europe
    European Commission to investigate anti-competitive allegations against Google
    Apple “Smokes the Competition” in Reliability Survey
    Phonofone III Promises to Amp Up Your iPhone Oldschool Style

    Apple Patents Method of Activating Keyboard on Touchscreen
    iPad Closing in on Kindle in eReader Ownership
    Verizon”s Got A Little iPhone In Their Droid X Ad
    Did NASA Discover Life On One Of Saturn”s Moons?
    Routinely Unfriend For Clutter-Free Social Updates
    Imagining iPad 2
    Record 2010 iOS, Android Black Friday New Device and App Downloads
    BitTorrent-Based Domains Could Make Sites Invincible Against Seizure
    iOS 4.2 supports new tech to reduce network congestion, Nokia Siemens says
    laughter is the best tech support
    iPad 2 is Inevitable, Should I Get the iPad Now? 3 Reasons We Say Yes
    How to Put Your iPhone in DFU Mode
    JPMorgan Embracing iPad as Research in Motion Faces Challenges
    Nielsen: Android makes huge gains in US smartphone marketshare, RIM takes a backseat, Apple leads in desirability
    Top 5 best Jailbreak apps and tweaks for iPhone
    Android App Development – Layouts Part Three: Frame Layout and Scroll View
    Apple Expresses Interest in “Kinect-Like” Control of Appliances and Vehicles
    Interpol Hunting WikiLeaks Founder
    This Is What Facebook”s Feed Looked Like In 2006
    What Is 4G?
    RIM Sues Messenger App Kik For Patent Infringement
    Google Reader gets native Android app
    Amazon Ejects Embattled Wikileaks From its Servers
    Secretary of Defence: Let”s Stop Freaking Out Over WikiLeaks, Nobody Trusted Us Anyway
    IBM breakthrough brings us one step closer to exascale computing, even more intense chess opponents
    iOS5: 5 Things We Want From iOS5
    Kinect theremin is just too late for the “Day the Earth Stood Still” remake soundtrack (video)
    10% Of Your Twitter, Facebook Friends In 5 Years Won”t Be Human
    Android 2.x now accounts for 83 percent of all active Googlephones

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