Six Great Mac Apps

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There are a lot of great well known Mac apps out there, but there are also tons of fantastic less known ones I use on a regular basis. I’m going to list my top few and explain why they’re so great and useful.

This one goes hand in hand with iTunes, when a new song starts it shows up on top of all your other stuff. I’ve been using this one every day since the dawn of time.
My batch file renamer of choice. Easy and fast to use. If you’ve ever needed to rename a lot of files then this is what you need.
Snapz Pro X:
Another old program, but the best video recorder hands down. Back in the day other video recorders would struggle with 15 fps, but Snapz Pro X could hold a constant 30 and not affect your system’s performance. Computers are fast enough now that most screen recorders can do 30+, but Snapz is that efficient that even Apple themselves use it.
While it’s true that Adiium is quite well known a lot of people actually use that horrid MSN Messenger for Mac. Adium is so much more, with a Mac friendly interface and the ability to connect to multiple chat services, including MSN, Facebook, IRC and others.
When you delete an app from your Mac chances are you leave a lot behind. Sometimes hundreds of megabytes, sitting in hidden folders or hard to reach places. CleanApp runs a daemon in the background and listens to see which apps are making which files. When you delete the app CleanApp springs into action and tells you which other files that app created so you can get rid of them.
The applications that you want to keep can build up a lot of metadata over time that you just don’t need. For example, did you know that Safari takes a screenshot of every page you visit and stores this in a hidden folder? Not so good but CleanMyMac can tell you what you don’t need on your computer. I run this every month or two and each time I get around 1 GB of useless stuff I can trash. It even lets you cut out the PowerPC portion of an app’s binary (the part you don’t need since Apple went Intel).