Six Great iOS Apps

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Complementing my blog last week, this one will be of some of my favourite iOS apps.

Funnily enough one of the most well put together iOS apps is from Microsoft. It lets you create a panorama by stitching photos together, which can then be panned around in a 3d environment. Back when we moved offices we were able to show people the new space with this app rather than sending them 10 different photos.
Remote HD:
There’s a lot of apps out there that try and do remote screen mirroring between the iPhone and computer, but none do it as fluently as Remote HD. This one integrates perfectly with your Mac and lets you switch apps, launch apps and control your computer with native iOS interfaces in addition to interacting with the screen using your finger as a mouse.
There’s a million of these apps that just turn on the LED light, and anyone would do. This is the one I use this to get from the light switch to bed at night 🙂
Tiny Wings:
I was never into Angry Birds, Tiny Wings was the game for me. Extremely simple and well designed for a touch device. You simply tap the screen to arch your bird down and try to hit all the hills at the right time to get massive air and collect the coins.
Sonic 2:
Sega brought a lot of their games to the iOS, Sonic 2 was my favourite from when I was a kid. Before purchasing I wasn’t sure about the controls but it’s actually quite good.
An app for developers. Simply lists all Fonts on the iOS and lets you put in your own text to see how it will look before committing to it in your project.