Links for Wednesday 27th October

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A Classy Way To Pretend That Your Phone Has A Front-Facing Camera. Apple Offers Free iPad Engraving in Time for the Holidays.

iAppalooza Other: Cellar. Now Anyone At Your Cafe’ Can Hijack Your Facebook Account. OnTheFly Is A Fast And User Friendly Airfare Search Tool For Smartphones

Speculation of an Apple Acquisition Drives Sony’s Stock Price Up. App Review: Super Mega Worm. The Android app store will need more than free apps to beat Apple. Five reasons the Android app store will beat Apple’s. Elert – iPhone Email Notification. White iPhone 4 evidence shows up in Apple Store app’s update?
BitTorrent Still Dominates Global Internet Traffic

‘Apple Store’ iOS App Updated With Location Aware Appointment Check-Ins, Reserve and Pick-Up, and MoreVodaphone Australia creates giant Android mascot, sets its free on the streets of Sydney. Apple Awarded Patent for Audio and Video Sync

Developer Josh Guest of b2cloud answers our questions on app development. ‘iDOS’ Emulator Supports DOS and Windows 3.0 on iOS Devices [Updated: Pulled]. Concierge, Scout, and iQueue – Apple’s Internal Apps get a Makeover AppMakr Helps You Create iPhone Apps For Free, No Coding. Apple to Fix Major iPhone Security Hole with iOS 4.2. Apple History: Jobs ‘Raged’ Over Microsoft’s 2000 Acquistion of ‘Halo’ Developer Bungie

Why iPhone 4 and Android Brightness Controls Are UselessMilitary Tactical iPad App Looks Like Real-Life StarCraft II. Apple in Early-Stage Negotiations to Acquire Spotify? [Updated]. 188,000 iPads Have Been Sold in Australia. LimeWire Shuts Down After Losing Court Battle With The RIAA