Links for Tuesday 26th October 2010

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Wi-Fi Direct certification begins today, device-to-device transmission starting soon –

VLC downsized to fit on the iPhone and iPod touch, now playing in the App Store –

Should I Work on an Already-Existing iPhone App Idea? –

Firesheep Sniffs Out User Credentials On Wi-Fi Hotspots –

How to Make Your Blog Look Sweet on the iPad –

Early Benchmarks on the New 13-Inch and 11-Inch MacBook Air –

Samsung to unveil new Android device November 8th –

How To Build A Hackintosh Mac And Install OS X In Eight Easy Steps –

Watch A MacBook Air Get Blown Up WIth Dynamite –

Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac Beta Now Available –

Selling Apps On Android Stills Sucks –

Fake Steve Summarises Microsoft Chief Architect”s Departing Memo –

Netflix Completely Dominates The Internet In Canada –

Privacy And The Internet, Visualised –

Antoine Dodson”s Sex Offender App Uses AR To Find Creeps –

Google Instant Search Trickles Out To Android Phones –

Major Security Hole Found in iPhone OS 4 –

100,000 Apps Now Available On Android Market –

Apple and Google Tag-Teaming Paul Allen Over Patent Attack –

Australia Post Seeing Shift To Smart Phones –

iOS 4.1 glitch lets you bypass lock screen to access Phone app, photo album (video) –

The Reports Of App-Free iPads Have Been Greatly Exaggerated –

Android Development: The App Makers Still Cannot Make Money –