Links for 3rd of November, 2010

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UCLA / Caltech researchers help patients move mouse cursors with their brains
Apple Drops Price of Mac Mini Internationally
A Valid Provisioning Profile For This Executable Was Not Found
Common iPhone Error Messages and What They Mean
Apple Releases “iPad is Electric” Commercial
iPhone Hack Removes Ads and Gives You Unlimited Skips on Pandora
ASSA ABLOY trials remote hotel check-ins, unlocking your room with NFC cellphones (video)
Apple Grabs 95% of Tablet Market as Competitors Ramp Up
W3C tests HTML5 browser compatibility, crowns IE9 the champ
Skyfire to Bring Flash Video to iOS Devices
Aska Electron promises to add data transfer to wireless power systems
Kingston debuts 96GB SSDNow V 100 solid state drive, complete with 25 percent performance boost

iOS4.1 Tips, Tricks and How Tos
Looking Toward the iPad 2: 5 Reasons Apple Should Upgrade

How Can I Tell If An Android App Is Malware?
New MacBook Airs Experiencing Logic Board Issues?
iOS Apps We”d Love To See In The Mac App Store
iPhone 4 Availability Now at “Within 24 Hours” in U.S.
Rumour: Google Chrome OS Netbooks Appear This Month
Facebook Predicts When You”re Likely To Get Dumped
Steve Jobs: Support for iTunes Extra and iTunes LP “Coming” to New Apple TV
No, I Can”t See What Could Go Wrong With GIANT Dragonflies
TIE Fighters Invade Your City
Huge Virus Breakthrough Could Mean A Cure For The Common Cold
Apple Discontinues “Personal Shopping” Service in Retail Stores
Over 70% Of Android Phones Now Running Eclair Or Froyo
Exclusive Look: Where The Workers Who Made Your iPhone Sleep At Night
Can A Machine Beat A Human At Starcraft?

ACCC To Push For Better ISP Disclosures About Shaping
Free iPhone City Guides For Sydney and Melbourne
Every Gmail User Just Won A Lawsuit Against Google, Got Nothing
Aria iTunes App Lets You Stream Concerts Live To Your iPhone This Week
Apple to Extend iTunes Song Previews to 90 Seconds in U.S.
10 Rules of Smarphone Etiquette That Everybody Breaks
CNN uses augmented reality, iPads to cover midterm election results
The Day Steve Jobs Was Wrong?
Apple Patents Last Generation iPod Devices
5 Controversial Features We Could See on the iPhone 5
12 Apps That Will Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a Musical Instrument
ITC Staff Side With Nokia Regarding Apple”s Patent Claims
Apple Hires Key Digital Music Industry Legal Executive
Apple Acquires Patent for their Magic Mouse