30th December 2010


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    Google and NORAD”s Santa tracker is another victory for terrorists

    What Is Google”s Holiday Doodle?


    Apple Is Denying In-App Donations To Developers

    Apple applies for “logo antenna” patent, hides your resonator behind the brand indicator

    Apple Confirms One Million Apple TVs Sold

    Apple Sued Amidst Privacy Concerns Regarding App Tracking

    Apple Patents Phone Interface, And It”s Not What You Think

    The iPhone 4 Antenna and Ping Make CNN”s List of Biggest 2010 Tech Fails


    iPhone 4: Six months later

    How to Give An iPhone App This Holiday Season

    Skype Video Chat is Finally iPhone Bound

    How to track Santa on Google Maps with your iPhone or iPad.

    iPhone App Piracy Tool IPA God is Now Open Source

    Next iPhone to Sport Dual Core CPU

    New to iOS? Here Are the Best Free iPhone Apps (iPod Touch and iPad Included)

    Pirate Apple App Store Innovates With “Reverse BitTorrent”

    Apple Increases 1st Quarter iPhone Shipments to 21 Million, Including the Verizon iPhone?

    Man Attempts To Rob Restaurant Using An iPhone

    Gorillaz iPad album now available, as are the apps used to make it (video)

    Softbank to Release NFC Mobile Payments Stickers for iPhone 4

    Apple bringing Cherokee language support to iPhone and iPad

    iOS Developers See Christmas Surge in Downloads and Activity

    Next-Generation iPad With Tapered Sides and iPod Touch-Like Form Factor

    BMW Connected app hits iOS App Store, “Apps” function hitting vehicles next year

    Apple to Offer a CDMA (Verizon) Version of Next iPad?

    First Steps Toward Hacking the New iPod Nano

    App Store Updates Now Propagating as Holiday Shutdown Ends

    Apple to ship three models of iPad 2 including CDMA support, anti-reflective screen?

    Push Notifications for Ad Hoc Distributions

    Camera Reaches Over 78,000 Sales on Christmas Day Alone

    iPad-Inspired Furniture is for the Ultimate iFanatic

    Yet Another Camera App Sneaks Into the App Store With Added “Perks”

    SoundHound Music Recognition App Now Comes With Unlimited Song IDs

    An iPad App To Help Disabled Kids Speak


    Hedge fund using Twitter to predict stock prices, OK Cupid to meet girls

    General FAIL: The Military”s Worst Tweeters


    Wifi Browser Login Takes The Pain Out Doch das sind noch lange nicht alle Spiele, die Lucky Nugget fur Sie bereithalt! Sie finden hier au?erdem einige der fantastischsten Tischspiele, dazu gehoren alle Arten von Online Blackjack sowie europaische wie auch amerikanische Versionen des Online Roulettes. Of Login-Required Wi-Fi

    Nexus S


    BitTorrent Zeitgeist: What People Searched For in 2010

    The Top 20 DMCA Cease and Desist Senders of 2010

    RapidShare Shows MPAA/RIAA: We Can Lobby Lawmakers Too

    Hadopi Sends 100,00 Warning Emails To Suspected Pirates


    How To Make 3D Images

    Researchers create ultra-fast “1,000 core” processor, Intel also toys with the idea

    Network Data Encoded In Flickering Office Lights

    If You Want To Keep Using The Internet, Learn Chinese Now

    Scientists Plan “Living Earth Simulator” To Track Disease, Disasters And Traffic

    Thimble concept translates real-world input into real-time Braille (video)


    Newly Discovered Molecule Will Make Rocket Fuel Super Efficient

    This Is China”s Secret Stealth Strike Fighter


    ComeScore: Facebook overtakes Yahoo, is now the third most trafficked website in the world


    Using Your Mobile Phone At Sea


    BlackBerry maker RIM thought Apple was lying about iPhone in 2007?


    Free Kinect keyboard emulator lets you WoW while AFK (video)


    Windows Phone 7

    App store milestones: Windows Phone 7 hits 5,000 as Android passes 200,000 available apps


    Congress Will Allow The Use Of Electronic Devices In The House

    Memoirs Of A Highly Visible Man: Julian Assange Signs $1.3m Book Deal To Cover Legal Costs

    Man Faces Five Years In Jail–For Reading Wife”s Emails


    Kindle 3 Beats Harry Potter To Become The Top Selling Product In Amazon History

    Amazon Patents Terrible Gift Auto-Return System

    Why I Ditched iTunes for Amazon MP3s


    Hey New York, This Is Real Snow

    Watch 20 Hours Of Blizzard In 38 Seconds

    The History Of The World”s Fastest Vehicles In One Image


    The Simplest-And Most Common-Cellphones Are Vulnerable To The “SMS Of Death”

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