15th December 2010

    Commodore Amiga Emulator for iOS Demoed, Coming to App Store

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    Commodore Amiga Emulator for iOS Demoed, Coming to App Store

    iPad Predicted to Represent 2% of North American Web Traffic by End of 2011

    The Best Remote Apps For Your iPhone

    Maybe The Angry Birds Should Rethink Their Strategy

    Remove Blocks Carefully In The Official Jenga iPhone App

    Analytix brings ClickyTouch UI to Google Analytics for iPhone, iPad

    Infinity Blade: iOS Kicks Consoles in the Nuts (Review)

    iPad 2 will have rear and front-facing cameras, say multiple sources

    Full version of Google Docs now works on iPad, but you can still go mobile if you want

    “AppStore Update Size” Dishes the Dirt on File Size

    Reuters Reports Next-Generation iPad to Offer Front and Rear Cameras

    Cobra brings radar detection to the iPhone and reckless endangerment to the app store

    iPad 2: 5 Rumored Specs Gathered from Various Reports

    iPhone Quick Tip: How to Email a Photo

    Sphero, The Open Source Remote Control Ball For Your Smartphone

    Turn Off The Car Alarm: Apple Deactivates iOS Jailbreak Detection Code

    Is The iPad Meant To Save Newspaper Or Kill Them Quicker

    Google Latitude Comes to the App Store

    Toshiba and Apple to Invest $1.2 Billion in Factory to Produce iPhone LCDs

    Over 25 Billion Tweets Sent In 2010, iPad Was Top Tech Subject

    Angry Birds nets 50 million downloads, still not enough for a three-star rating

    A Look At How the iPad Interface Has Inspired the New Face of Media

    The BEST 5 iPad Apps! – AppJudgment

    iPad, iPhone 4 lead Google 2010 consumer electronics search queries

    5 Practical Jailbreak Apps That Should Be in Every iPhone Owner”s Tool Belt

    “Google Voice” App Adds iPad and iPod Touch Support

    CNN launches an iPad app

    Debunking the Verizon iPhone LTE Insane Rumors

    “Tron Legacy” to Premiere as First iAd For iPad

    iPad The Top Tech For Aussie Facebook Users

    Johnny Walker”s iPhone App Is Sadly BYO Whisky…


    Major tech manufacturers to drop VGA by 2015, Apple wonders what took “em so long

    Apple Shifting to Intel Graphics for Future MacBooks and 13-Inch MacBook Pros?

    Apple names their top iPad and iPhone apps of 2010

    Counter Rumour: Mac App Store Actually Launching January 2011

    Apple Seeks Patent for Consumer Abuse Detection

    “iTunes Rewind” Highlights the Best of 2010

    Apple”s Looking For a Few CDMA Engineers

    Apple engineer uses Lego to rebuild ancient Greek mechanism, will surely try to patent it (video)

    Apple Ban on iPhone Donation Apps Anger Nonprofits

    Firmware Updates Bring AirPrint Functionality to 6 New HP Printers

    Apple Reportedly Bidding to Purchase Nortel Patent Assets

    Why Apple probably isn”t worried about the Nexus S

    Apple Begins Using “iTun.es” As Link Shortener

    5 Ways iTunes Could Benefit By Learning from iTunes for iPhone and iPad

    Apple Files Trademark for “Retina”

    Paul Allen”s Lawsuit Against Apple Faces Setback Over Lack of Specificity

    Apple Products Rank Highly in Mind Share for 2010

    Apple job listing calls for Verizon iPad engineer, hints at a lot more

    Are Apple and Google battling for Nortel patents?

    Apple Accused of Selling Pirate Books On App Store

    Apple Patents Method of Battery Power Management

    Apple, Google To Department Of Defense: Hands Off Our Smartphone Security API”s!

    Apple Releases Minor iOS 4.2.1 Software Update for New Apple TV [Updated]


    Google Cr-48 Chrome laptop preview


    YouTube lifting 15-minute time limit for some videos

    Google”s 10 Best and Worst Innovations of 2010

    Google Says They”ll Have Failed If Chrome OS And Cloud Computing Doesn”t Become The Norm

    Latitude Adjustment: Google”s Social Network App Debuts, To A Chorus Of Boos

    Google”s Zeitgeist report for 2010: America loves the Bieb, already forgot about BP

    Japanese Kids Go Skydiving Over A Google Earth Projection

    Google Will Teach Your Parents Tech So You Don”t Have To

    Google under fire for promoting own content ahead of competing websites

    Google fires Nexus S into space, invites tenuous Galaxy S analogies (video)


    Fujitsu hybrid energy harvester makes power from light or heat, gets us closer to human batteries

    WWF file format: it”s like a PDF that”s impossible to print

    Browser Speed Tests: IE9, Firefox 4 Beta, Chrome”s Crankshaft, Opera 11 Beta

    This Railgun Annihilates Targets 160km Away In 6 Minutes

    Fraunhofer IIS uses Awiloc indoor positioning magic to guide museum patrons

    Shocker! Internet use now ties TV in time spent avoiding outdoor activity

    Someday, This Robot Will Run Faster Than Us All

    A Drop Of Water At 10,000 FPS Is A Bouncy Wonder

    “TSA-Proof” Boxer Shorts Protect Your Modesty (And Their Eyes)

    Remind Me Why Having Printer Apps Is A Good Idea Again?


    Facebook Adds More Privacy Controls To Their Mobile Page

    Should You Friend Your Parents On Facebook?

    So, This Is What Facebook Is All About…

    Visualized: Facebook”s global reach

    Netflix hiring Facebook Integration engineer

    Washington Post Seems To Have Heard Of This “Facebook” Site

    100 People I Hate On Facebook


    Over 300,000 Android Phones Are Being Activated Each Day

    Android Tablets

    BlackBerry On Verizon: Getting Smoked By Android

    An Update To Android Market Brings A Brand New Android Market

    Android Voice Search Improves Accuracy With Your Own Voice

    Facebook Update For Android Released, Includes Chat Integration


    Amazon Could Be Next Site Bought Down By WikiLeaks Supporters

    Dutch 4Chan Teen Arrested For WikiLeaks Revenge Attacks

    Leaked cables cause Australian concern

    US Military Bans All Physical Media On Its Internal Network

    Hackers Wars, Indictments, And Homeland Security: Today”s WikiLeaks News

    Europe Wants Self Driving Cars, And It Wants Them Now

    Senate approves Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act, ensures a future for noise pollution

    Afghanistan moves ahead with plans for national electronic ID cards

    Julian Assange: Readers” Choice for TIME”s Person of the Year 2010

    Assange still committed to publishing secret documents: mother

    WikiLeaks Supporters Begin DDoS Attacks Against Fax Machines

    The WikiLeaks Double Standard

    WikiLeaks: Julian Assange bail hearing makes legal history with Twitter ruling

    Access Denied: US Air Force Blocks 24 Sites Over WikiLeaks Fears

    Columbia j-school staff: WikiLeaks prosecution “will set a dangerous precedent”


    Cypress Hill backup singer sees himself in Grand Theft Auto, sues Rockstar

    Tribler BitTorrent Client Searches And Downloads Files, No Tracker

    Mininova Pays Settlement to BREIN to End BitTorrent Lawsuit

    A Snapshot of the Public BitTorrent Landscape


    The WikiLeaks Saga: The Animated Edition

    The first WikiLeaker

    Comedy”s Reaction To The WikiLeaks Cables

    140,000 Emails from Steve Jobs Released by WikiLeaks

    laughter is the best tech support



    SpaceX Dragon spacecraft launches for the first time

    Scientists Say There”s A Planet Lined With Diamonds

    How Would NASA Rescue An Astronaut Who Floated Away?

    Voyager 1 will exit solar system soon, is so close to the void it can taste it


    eBay Anticipates Busiest Day This Sunday


    Kinect gets own set of wheels, drives a car, nothing can stop it now (video)

    Kinect meets its maker with new air guitar hack (video)

    Kinect hack lets you reenact Big piano scene (video)

    Kinect Hacked: 27 Kinect Hacks More Interesting Than the Device”s Original Intention


    Hand To Hand Combat: Wikileaks Avengers Now Using Portable Devices In DDOS Attacks

    Amazon Went Offline In Europe, But Not Due To WikiLeaks Group

    Lifehacker Australia Unaffected By US Hacks

    Gizmodo Australia Unaffected By US Hacks

    Now It”s McDonald”s Turn For Its Email Userbase To Be Hacked


    Kin Studio Closing On January 31st: Kin Will Really Die Now

    Cyberduck 4.0 Beta Released For Windows

    Microsoft to demo new slate PCs, Windows 8 tablet functionality at CES?

    Most Popular Free Windows Downloads Of 2010


    What Do You Think Should Happen When Your Mobile Networks Breaks?


    New Kindle sells “millions”, bests all 2009 Kindle Sales

    iPad versus Kindle: even the Supreme Court can”t decide (video)


    Use An Old Satellite Dish As A Wi-Fi Range Booster

    YouTube”s Biggest How-To Videos of 2010

    Most Popular DIY Projects Of 2010


    Amazon MP3 app hits BlackBerry phones


    The Army Wants To Give Smartphones To Every Soldier

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