20th December 2010

    AirPlay video streaming from iOS devices hacked into Macs (video)

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    Delta Airlines: iPhone Friendly

    5 Ridiculously-Priced iPad Cases and Bling

    Detecting Taps Outside of Tableview Cells

    iPad Still Dominating Corporate Tablet Usage as Competitors Arrive

    Thomas the Tank Comes to the iPad

    The iPhone”s Graphics Are Set To Get Even Better

    The First Tales Of Monkey Island Adventure Swings Onto iPads

    Stolen iPhone Provokes Aussie Police To Track It By Helicopter, GPS

    The Best Barcode Scanner Apps

    Surfing App Helps Surf Bums Avoid Lame Waves

    Is the iPhone stealing Verizon”s growth?

    7 Original Metal Back Covers for iPhone 4

    Flashlight Application using the iPhone LED

    Word Lens augmented reality app instantly translates whatever you point it at

    iPhone and iPad App Store at a glance

    iPad News Publication “The Daily” Now Rumored for Mid-January Launch

    Wall Street Journal says apps may violate privacy, fingers MySpace and Pandora

    WikiLeaks Has Its Own iPhone App


    Apple Gains Patent for UI for Purchasing Classical Works

    Apple Updates “iBooks” With Illustrated Books, Collections, and AirPrint

    iMac and MacBook Pro Upgrades in First Half of 2011?

    Nokia ups the ante on Apple, adds 13 more patents to the 24 already asserted Apple: Mac App Store to Open January 6

    Joint Venture Involving Apple and Microsoft Acquires Novell Patents For $450 Million

    Apple secrets leaked early by inside traders, arrests reveal

    Apple Will Fire You For Just Mentioning A Product Codename?

    Apple looking to patent shareable apps, considers calling them “seeds”

    iTunes Maintains Digital Music Dominance Despite Amazon”s Discounts

    Supply Constraints Said to Prevent Apple From Adopting OLED for iPad

    Apple”s iOS Engineering Jobs Emphasize Navigation Software Experience


    Mark Zuckerberg named Time Person of the Year, Jesse Eisenberg sadly not listed

    Facebook Adding Facial Recognition For Easier Tagging


    GNU founder Richard Stallman and Gmail creator Paul Buchheit hate on Chrome OS

    Body Browser

    Google Books Ngram Viewer

    Google hacked site notification notifies you if your site is hacked (repeat this five times fast)


    PrimeSense”s OpenNI provides the best Kinect drivers yet, from someone who would know

    How Kinect Can Make You Freakishly Productive

    Kinect Hacks Daily, Episode 47: Kinect taught to control XBMC through hand gestures

    The Kinect Hack Lets You Chat With Holographic Friends


    Android App Development-Controls Part Two: Android Button Controls

    Android Dreamcast emulator nullDCE gets early video preview, still a work in progress


    Court Rules That Government Needs Warrant Before Reading Emails

    Kogan Tries Its Hand At A WikiLeaks Site For Business

    Australian Federal Police say Wikileaks committed no crime

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange granted bail, set free

    Bank of America says it won”t process payments intended for WikiLeaks

    Lawmakers Discuss Constitutional Issues Raised By WikiLeaks


    Why Was Nearly Every Yahoo Search Suddenly Resulting in Porn?

    10 Most Memorable Mobile Computing Moments of 2010

    China launches state-sponsored, Twitter-esque Red Microblog, Kanye West already has the most followers

    How Much Does Your Smartphone Cost To Build


    FBI Planted Backdoors To Spy Internet, Claims Collaborator

    How A Man Caught UPS Tampering With His Package

    The Dogs Of Cyber War, Visualised


    Crazy Guy BASE Jumps Off A Bridge To Evade Police Arrest


    Bing 2.0 brings better Facebook integration and the impressive Streetside to iPhone (video)


    BitTorrent Domain Exodus Continues As Torrentz Dumps .COM

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