Google I/O 2015 conference: Day 1

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It’s that time of year again, and I’m lucky enough to be in San Francisco representing the b2cloud team at Google IO conference. I’ll be live blogging during the day so stay tuned for all the exciting updates.

Line up

The morning line up begins. It’s 6.45am and I’m pretty close to the front of the line. Much closer than last year. Hanging out with a dude called Chris who works for the NHS. Lots of interesting chats about mobile apps for medical services. Coffee and donuts are plentiful from chipper Google staff.

In the keynote


After 2 hours waiting in line, made it into the auditorium for the keynote speech and I’ve got a decent seat. Seems far more organized than last year.

Exciting announcement about Brillo and Weave, an easy standard OS and connectivity platform for IoT devices.

Google has massively improved voice recognition in the past year. Spoken word recognition is now 92% accurate.

Cloud test lab

An easy way to easily test your apps across a myriad of devices. Actual physical devices in a Google data centre. Cool stuff.
Google Photos

Awesome cross platform app that saves and sorts all your photos and videos, in high res, all FOR FREE! Sticking it massively to iCloud and Dropbox. Also makes it super easy to search through photos and it automatically groups photos by common faces, places and activities.

Cardboard updates

Google have partnered with GoPro who are launching a sick new 360 camera rig. Googles new Junp software will help to stitch all the footage and new SDKs to help display content in native apps on iOS and Android with the help of YouTube. 

Also displayed was Cardboard Expeditions, a program Google has been trialling with schools for teachers to display synchronized content for students via Cardboard to deeply explore various locations around the world.

Material Design

Google have pushed their biggest update to Material Design since launching 1 year ago. There’s a bunch more guidelines and tools for designers and developers, and a really nice new set of over 750 icons for open source use by designers.

Fun everywhere

Of course there’s the usual massive Android men scattered around and all kinds of hands on activities to explore and lead with Google. It’s been a long day but looking forward to the after-hours activities of drinks, food and music with other interesting developers from around the globe. Then some rest for Day 2 tomorrow!