What is: Twitter

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Twitter is a form a blog known as a microblog.

So what’s a microblog?

It’s a short blog post – less than 140 characters.

Twitter was founded from a one-day brainstorming session, the idea started as an SMS service that could allow a small group to communicate with each other from wherever they were. They came up with the name “Twitter” when they saw the definition for it – a short burst of inconsequential information and realized that was exactly what the idea was.

Tweets are when people updated their status or burst out their next inconsequential bit of information to their friends.

The idea developed and really took off at an event in Texas, where the twitter team cleverly tripled the amount of tweets per day by positioning massive screens at the event that only streamed twitter comments being made.

So what do you do on twitter?

Once a member of Twitter your home page will simply ask you the question:

What are you doing?

As you begin to let everyone know, you will see the number 140 become, counting backwards with every touch of the keyboard. When your done with your microblog click on update, and share it with the world.

Twitter lets you to tell all your friends at once those things that you want to say that would appear strange to send them in a text or not important enough for a phone call, that you will probably forget to tell them later when you see them, but still none the less feel is interesting to know, or not, whatever suits you. The reader can decide and filter what is interesting to them.

Whoever thinks your interesting will ask to follow you, whoever you think is interesting, you can choose to follow. When you follow someone, their updates are displayed in your profile. Just simply update what you are doing, and soon you will see who is interested.