What is: Google Wave

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Google wave is the new communication platform which has promised to change the way we communicate. It’s touted as the next big thing in the cyber revolution after the invention of the email and internet. In simple we can say, if the email was invented in 21st century it would look like Google wave.

Google wave combines the power of email, Instant messenger, wiki style collaboration all in a single platform. If we want we can participate in a conversation both actively and passively in a same time and also replay the conversation in a sequence . Unless someone looks at the actual product it’s very difficult to grasp the working of the Google wave and its true potential, Rather than me explaining in detail how it works you can look at nice video created by a guy who hasn’t got an invite to Google wave explaining about its working.

As of now Google wave is only available to the developer community and its creating so much buzz in the tech circle. Yet there are some sceptical about the product and there are so many backlashes about Google wave since its shifting the way we are going to communicate. The true potential of Google Wave will be unleashed only when different products are built around it as it happened with twitter.

We may have to wait for some more months for the product to mature enough to be realeashed to the public to see if Google wave is the way for the future or just another concept in the evolution of cyber revolution.