What is: Blogger

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Blogger was founded in August 1999, by Pyra Labs, a small company located in San Francisco. In 2003 Google bought Blogger and made premium functions that users were paying for, free.

Blogger, as it stands today is Google’s free online-tool for creating blogs.

A blog (which is short for web-blog) is virtually an online journal.  It allows a forum for you to share your thoughts with the world. From sharing with your family about your overseas holiday, to giving your advice on the economic crisis, you can discuss and share anything you want on your blog

Google Blogger is a user-friendly service that makes it easy to create your own blog.  To begin, a user simply creates a Google account by clicking any button on www.blogger.com website that says “create a blog”.

You then get to create your own URL (as long as no-one else is using it). A URL is the address you type into the bar across the top of the internet explorer screen. By typing in this address you, your friends and others can read what you have written.blogger-thumb

 Within minutes you can post text, photos and videos. You simply begin to type on your page and Google automatically saves what you write without disturbing your typing.

Blogger is very user-friendly. Users are easily able to change templates (the look of the blog), fonts (the style of writing) and colours of the blog to customise it and reflect their personality or purpose.

Writing on a blog is supposed to be natural, like a journal the words don’t have to be too contrived but just get lost in your thoughts and opinions and say whatever you want to say as formally or casually as you like. The more interesting you are the more people will want to see what you have to say, but that may not be the purpose, whatever you want to write, whoever you want to show is up to you.

You can write every day, once a week, once a month, you can even blog from your smart phone numerous times a day if you really get into it. They can be short, long, simple, complex, funny, serious, whatever suits you.

There is also a function where you can comment on other peoples blogs and you will find, if your blog gets popular enough others will comment on yours.

You are probably more familiar with blogs than you realise, in fact you are reading a blog right now!