Take A TestFlight

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Those already part of the b2cloud family will be used to receiving the latest pre-release beta updates of Apps we are currently constructing. Historically the process for installing Beta Apps on your device has been cumbersome, here are are old instructions! http://b2cloud.com.au/how-to-guides/installing-b2cloud-beta-apps

FivePin Testing Suite by b2cloud

This process has just been made simpler with b2cloud implementing TestFlight, the easiest and fastest way to install b2cloud beta build on your iPhone, over the air! We have been rolling out TestFlight over the last couple of months in conjunction with our testing suite FivePin, enabling a great experience for our customers!

What you will need

– An iPhone, iPad, iPod

– Avoid using cracked, hacked or Jail broken devices

– The device must be connected to the internet (Wifi or 3G)

– The device needs to be connected to email, preferably using the Mail App in order to receive invitations


Here are the basic steps for setting up your iPhone/iPad with TestFlight:

  1. As a client you will likely be a part of one of our Inception brainstorm and user story sessions. Here we will make sure we grab everyones email address if we don’t have it already
  2. Users who have joined the team later, feel free to send an email to anyone at b2cloud asking to be added to TestFlight
  3. You will receive an email from TestFlight with the subject “Welcome to TestFlight”
  4. Important! Make sure you open the email using the iPhone that you intend to view the App on. Ill explain the process for dual release apps (iPhone and iPad) and adding additional devices shortly
  5. Press the big green Login button
  6. As you are a new user, you will be directed to a Sign Up page. Enter your details and make sure the email address you use, is one you have access to on the phone. Pick a password.
  7. Now don’t click the “I am a developer” check box. Clicking it doesn’t make you an iPhone developer (that takes years of code training), nor does it give you anything extra!
  8. Click Sign up and shortly you receive another email
  9. On the second email from TestFlight (looks the same as the first), press the Login button. This will redirect you to Safari browser, and you should see a “Register Device” button, press it! There is a chance you may need to login using the details you submitted a minute beforehand
  10. If everything goes to plan, you will be re-directed to an Install Profile screen. This step is important. Press the Install button, and wait for everything to complete and the circle to stop spinning.
  11. You can now return to your home screen, and will see a new icon called TestFlight. Any apps that are available to you will be here.
  12. Users with multiple devices, go to www.testflightapp.com and login while on your device. Press Add Device and wait for a b2cloud team member to approve it.
  13. During the development process you will receive update emails for new builds. These will have a link you can click or alternatively check by touching on the TestFlight icon
You are now officially part of the testing team. For those who don’t own an Apple device, we will also provide YouTube screen grab videos for your convenience.