Submission to iTunes

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Here is a quick guide on what you need to prepare when your App is ready to upload to iTunes for approval.

  • App Name – No longer than 255 bytes, but in reality the length should be 12 bytes or less to avoid getting the … on your App icon. Longer names look fine on iTunes, but are reduced in size or shortened on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. App names must be unique.
  • SKU Number – This is a unique name that denotes a unique build. If its your first then try using “app name 1.0”
  • Bundle – This is where you select the build bundle from a drop down list
  • Version number – If its your first release, use 1.0
  • Description – Very important you get this right. The description is the first insights that a user sees in your app. It should sell the features and point of difference early on, user dot points that focus on features and keep the key messages in the first 200 words. Keep it sharp!
  • Primary Category – Choose from the following

  • Secondary Category (optional)- Choose form the same list above a second category. From experience I’m not sure what this actually does.
  • Keywords – Choose 10 words, separated by commas that people may type in when trying to find the app
  • Copyright – Any copyright info, such as your company name and date of copyright
  • Contact email address – Usually an email set specifically for the App, but really only used if someone chooses to contact the developer
  • Support URL – If you have a specific URL to support the App, put this in. Otherwise just a contact page on your standard website.
  • App URL (optional) – As above, only enter if you have an App specific URL that promotes or provides more information on the App.
  • Privacy Policy URL (optional) – A link to your company or App privacy policy

App Store icon – 512 x 512

App icon – 113×114 (iphone 4), 57×57(older phones), 72×72(iPad)

Screenshots – Capture 4 of them on an iPhone 4 or an iPad 2.