Recipes for running a successful Facebook competition

Guides By 6 years ago

2000 friends in 2 weeks.

That’s how many new followers we’ve been able to gain for one of our clients on their Facebook page.

This may not seem like a massive amount for some, but for a company that only had about 1400 followers over 6 months or so, this is a great success.

There are some good methods to follow to help boost the number of followers on your Facebook page. Firstly, I’ve found running competitions is the best way to drive engagement, boost followers, gain attention and generally make people pleased to follow you. It’s important to remember when running any competition, you must adhere to Facebook’s strict guidelines, and always use a 3rd party platform to host your comps. We use Wildfire ( for running our competitions, which has proven to be a (mostly) great platform. If you are looking to run a comp on the cheap, then using the basic Wildfire promotion builder will work really well for you. It has limited amounts of customisation, but makes setting up and managing the whole campaign really easy once you’ve played around with it. For more advanced users, mainly those with larger budgets and the desire to highly customise the competition with CSS, mandatory page Likes etc, do yourself a favour and upgrade to a White Label competition. This entitles you to a Wildfire account manager, and access to their back-end CSS, which you can edit. There is a bit of a learning curve, and it is not all peaches and cream, but if you have a good developer helping you, it shouldnt be too much of an issue.

Once you have a campaign set up (we were simply running a promo to allow users to sign up for a free product sample) you should promote it with Facebook Ads. FB Ads are a really cost effective way to target very specific users, which you can filter by country, age, sex, education etc. You can set a daily budget, add your content, then bam – Robert’s your mother’s brother.

Lastly, closely monitor the campaign, and support it with regular updates to your followers, encourage people to share with their friends etc. Keeping up general engagement is great, such as asking people their thoughts on issues, doing polls, quickly responding to people’s comments etc. This fuels engagement with your existing fans and creates some interesting comment for your new followers.

This is certainly not a science, but running a successful Facebook is an art that can be mastered over time.