Protecting your user’s privacy

Guides By 4 years ago

In these times of increased user confusion and distrust when it comes to sharing personal information, it is absolutely crucial to make sure your app is at the forefront of user privacy, not just for legal reasons but also as it offers a distinct competitive advantage as well.

The Office of  the Australian Information Commissioner (AOIC) has released a recommendation document on user privacy it considers important when it comes to complying with the law and maintaining the trust of your users when obtaining personal information in a mobile application.

The “Mobile Privacy: A better practice guide for mobile app developers” document is best understood as a privacy framework for app developers, a series of recommendations encouraging “better privacy practices” and the necessary steps to comply with Australian privacy law and best practice.

Make sure to read page 14-15 (Appendix A) to see a checklist that offers a great way to see how your mobile app compares to the recommended standards.

b2cloud has some great contacts with experienced solicitors who we can recommend help you to review your privacy practices and draft policies if required.

Keeping your users’ personal information safe and only collecting what your app really needs to function will help ensure a strong level of trust that will maintain a good relationship between you and your customers and mitigate any privacy concerns when collecting data from your users.