Preparing apps for submission

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Once you have built your iPhone/iPad application (or b2cloud has built for you), the next step is to compile your marketing material to be published on the iTunes app store. Basically this information provides backgorund to the app, and also sells the apps features. It needs to be sharp and catchy . It is also important to describe in the first sentence what the app does, and what it is used for.

Here are some basic steps on infomation that should be prepared before submitting to iTunes:

  1. Decide on the company name. This could be the name of your trading company, or a business name. Using the actual app name as the company name may be restrictive if you decide to release future apps. Be careful as this name cannot be changed, without setting up a new developer account
  2. Write a short description of what the application does, its key points of difference, features and benefits. Try and use dot points if possible and/or short paragraphs. This should be no longer than 200 words for a first release. Future releases may have longer descriptions with new version information and/or quotes from review websites.
  3. Define a developer and/or a support website. Basically if someone has a problem or a question, these links should direct them to a website. This might be a blog or a developer website.
  4. Copyright holder. This could be an individual or a company, eg Copyright 2010 b2cloud Pty Ltd
  5. Pricing. Decide on a price if the app is for sale. This is defined by choosing a tier from Free to Tier 85. Tier 1 is the lowest on the store, and equates to $1.19 on the Australian iTunes store.
  6. Category is where the application is files on the store. Do some research or speak to your developer, as certain categories are very cluttered in regions, so good selection can help in making the app stand out.
  7. Screenshots, take 5 of these on the iPhone or iPad on different screens in the app. To take a screen capture press the home button and the power button at the same time. The image will appear in your photo library. You may choose to edit these images with labels or tags to highlight features.

There are some other minor requirements around age restriction ratings and operating system requirements, let the developer complete this section.

Thats it, you are now ready to submit the application to Apple for review.