Netflix or Hulu? Which way to go?

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Netflix and Hulu both have a fantastic web interface alongside their amazing iPhone, Android, Tablet apps and lets not forget their presence on Apple TV, Xbox and PS3 online services. They both cost U$7.99 and for us in Australia, we need to go through a DNS or VPN to access it. Some of you might say $16 per month ( $4.99pm for DNS) is not that expensive for all the content I can get and some might argue the opposite, lets see what suits you better!


The king of all streaming services. Netflix has thousands of movies, documentaries and TV shows you can view with a single click. First of all, Netflix allows you to choose the quality of the video which is a great service for those with limited bandwidth. Second, it”s constantly asking you questions about the genre of content you like to watch and how often you watch them, using this database that they”ve created with user”s preferences, they improve their recommendations and to be honest, most of them have been very accurate for me so far.

Another favourite feature is the “Recently watched” section on the app and website. This feature works in realtime so if you”re watching something at home on your Apple TV and you pause and leave it half way, you can pick up your iPhone while on the train and continue the rest of the show with no hassle.

Netflix has a fantastic list of content especially when it comes to movies and documentaries. However I have to admit that they don”t have the most recent TV Shows, so you can start watching upto the previous season and catch the rest on Foxtel or however you watch your other shows.



Hulu is like the Chris Brown of The only thing that is missing is the noise of the other people, the glare of all of the lights and the loud sounds of all of the slot machines being played all at the same time. streaming, people love the content available but hate it”s attitude. Hulu has all your latest tv shows like your Family guy, 30 Rock and many many more. They”re uploaded right away after going live on TV which is great, BUT they have ads. Yes, in a typical Hulu tv show (Modern Family for example) you”ll get an ad at the beginning, 3 in the middle andone at the end.

They”re not as good as Netflix unfortunately when it comes to recommendations so don”t sign up with them if you want to broaden your movie/documentary experience. Big companies like FOX and ABC pay Hulu money to have their content featured on the main screen so you”ll rarely get any useful recommendations. If you know what you want and you don”t mind ads, go for it!


So to wrap it up, I suggest you signup to Netflix if you want to explore and watch interesting, new content. They have a lot of indie documentaries and movies as well which you”ll rarely find anywhere else. On the other hand if you like to watch the latest stuff like New Girl, Modern Family, Family Guy etc… I think Hulu is the way to go for you.