Installing b2cloud beta Apps

Guides By 7 years ago

During the development process of building an application, we like to keep clients informed on the progress of an application by sending the actual software in small builds. Development takes a phased approach, so the first versions dont have much functionality, but as progress continues, the app begins to come to life.

Apps in development cannot be downloaded from the iTunes store, they are usually sent via email. They need to be installed on your main computer running iTunes, that is used to synchronize your device.

Here is a step by step process for preparing your iPhone or iPad for a beta build:

  • Ensure you have submitted your UDID to b2cloud, instructions are here
  • Make sure you delete all prior versions of the application off your iPhone and iTunes. Once you have deleted the app from both, synchronise your iPhone to make sure it has been deleted. In iTunes, find the application on the left on the Apps tab under library, right click and select delete. On the iPhone/iPad, press and hold the icon, the press the ‘x’ to delete it.
  • Disconnect all devices from iTunes via USB
  • Open the email from b2cloud with the latest build
  • Double Click the file attached, with an extension .IPA – This will automatically install the app into you itunes ready to sync
  • Plug in the iPhone
  • Click the iPhone icon on the left hand side of iTunes, this will display information on your device. Click on the Apps tab to see apps installed on your device. Ensure the beta app has been ticked
  • Click ‘sync’ to copy the new beta App to your device

Thats it! It is a tricky process, and if something goes wrong it is best to start the steps again. We are now testing other ways to send these apps to devices without using iTunes, so stay tuned!