Improving iPhone battery life

Guides By 6 years ago

Over the last couple of weeks it seems my iPhone’s battery has been running dry a lot quicker than before. I knew a lot of different ways to improve battery life, but mine was still draining faster than it used to. I decided to dig around to find out what the problem was, which turned out to be a location services issue.

As far as I knew, no apps were using my location, I was under the impression the GPS in my phone was off (the GPS being one of the big battery consumers). If you venture to the bottom of the location services list in the settings app, hidden away is a system services section. Open this up and there’s a list of operating system services that use your location, which is no issue, but at the bottom of this list is a switch which determines whether you are told about the operating system using your location or not. By default it is set to off.

So others don’t fall into the same trap I did, here is a list of ways to save power:

  • Turn down screen brightness
  • Turn off bluetooth
  • Turn off wifi
  • Turn on Airplane mode
  • Turn off location services
  • Reduce the auto lock time
  • Close running apps (double tapping the home button and holding down on an app)
  • Perform a battery cycle every few weeks
  • Reboot the device every few weeks