How to choose a good wireless router?

Guides By 5 years ago

A couple of weeks ago, my router’s low data transfer rate really bugged me and I decided to read into routers to learn more.

Currently have an Apple TV connected to my TV which runs XBMC and streams movies from my hdd in the study room. I currently have a G series Billion modem router which runs perfectly fine, but only transfers up to 54Mbps.

N series routers, which have been around for a while are different though. They mostly transfer up to 300Mbps depending on the brand. Also a lot of N series routers have simultaneous dual band which is the capability to transmit on the 5 GHz band of 802.11a and also the 2.4 GHz band used by 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n.

Why dual band you may ask. With the large number of wireless routers working in a housing area (worse for apartments) the 2.5GHz frequency band is becoming ever-more congested. The best way to give your Wi-Fi the boost it needs is with a dual-band router.

You potentially want to buy a router which has simultaneous dual band. A lot of N series router have both band capabilities but you have to choose only one to work with. This will be an absolute waste if you just choose 2.4GHz as it’s not different from your previous router. So look for one with simultaneous dual band feature.


In next weeks post, I’ll name a few other features which you should be looking into before buying a router.