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Im beginning to get bored of the term social media strategy. Consulting in this arena means I need to use the buzz words that have been hammered into corporate psychies over the last 18 months. But I find it far too controlling and at disconnect.

Strategy for me has both military and business connetations of strucutred and systematic ways to achieve or conquer an ultimate goal. Haven’t the communication shifts this year alone proven that there is absolutely nothing ordered or defined for the use of such tools. So how does one put strategic rigor to adopting these channels.

Screenshot from webinar on SM strategy

Screenshot from webinar on SM strategy

I just got off a webinar a few miniutes ago run by Michael Hubble from Executiveboard.com. Really sharp presentation with awesome slides and strategy notes. Many of themes around  business should be embracing it, and strategies should be put in place. But what does it all actually mean in real life, in the context of business. So I asked the question after the presentation:

“So all businesses units should be educated on social media tools, who should communicate externally with the market skipping the communications/marketing traditional role? (TI and engineers, Bestbuys and cust service)”

Here is the answer (m4a format) – Question time – The answer was focussed on some really good examples by companies, like Apple and Bestbuys, who use for customer service and have products that naturally have customer tribes and interest.

So still I ask the question, if strategy really is the way forward for business and social media, should business strategically encourage its people to freely use social media tools to their fullest extent? Can you answer ‘no’ to this question?

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  • Onur

    Social media technologies are changing rapidly and its hard for a company to decide on what tool will best suit them given that things are most probably going to change significantly by a years time. However, it is important for a company to have a plan/strategy around the steps they’re going to take.

    Why? Because a company isn’t like you or I. It doesn’t have the luxury of changing its tool overnight. You or I can learn a new tool overnight or within a week max. However, it would take a company months just to train and engage all its employees with just the first tool. Without confusing or frustrating its employees too much, it’s important for a company to be strategic about managing change in a way that increases its chance to succeed. Afterall, it’s known that over 70% of change initiatives fail!

  • So lets look at it like this. There are hundreds of social media tools on offer, and correct, they change all the time. So having the company as a whole pick a tool or two, and sticking to them for 2 years, could potentially put them behind the 8 ball, as new trends emerge in that time.

    “A company isn’t like you or I”, as whole I agree cause a company isn’t a person (ASIC might disagree) but it has people in it like us!

    Instead the strategy should be around encouraging and rewarding an environment of sharing and engagement using social media tools. So when new trends emerge, new tools can come and go, and the people are comfortable collaborating on any tool that is introduced. This is not a new concept to many, especially those who have used Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn and Bebo. So use the same social behaviours, but in the context of business.

    “70% of change initiatives fail”, so true but this one cant afford to!

  • Jason

    Although Social media technologies are changing rapidly a company and business can always find solitude it the knowing that all avenues of communication are effective for strategic and tactical relations in the social sphere of the internet. This also depends up how the organisation is structures. Sure a very vertical system of business where communcation flow is up and down however if it’s lateral then training and learning are much similar and more adaptive. If the business has quality Social Media Marketing Principles then they may find that their business and reputation will increase as their relationship to their publics develop.